Sydney Says Spotlight: Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

Keeping clean makeup brushes is any make up artist’s first step to perfect makeup application. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is a professional-quality cleanser that is easy to use, quick to dry, and leaves your brushes with a dreamy vanilla scent. It’s the holy grail of brush cleaners.

This cleanser is effective and efficient with very minimal work. Who doesn’t love doing the least? It’s quick and easy because you don’t need to rinse the brushes with water after you use the cleanser. You just dip the tip of your brush in the blue solution, wipe it, and lay it out on a towel to dry. It’s mess free.

It’s super important to wash your brushes once a week because this helps prevent build up of germs and acne causing bacteria. I seriously credit clean brushes to one of the reasons I have clear skin. This brush cleaner breaks down all the makeup on your brushes and leaves them looking like they are brand new.  

If you have a sensitive nose this might not be the best brush cleaner for you. After reading some reviews I saw that a few customers were unhappy with the strong scent. This product is alcohol based, so there is initially a strong smell during the brush cleaning process. But in my experience, if you wait for the brushes to dry, they are left smelling like vanilla. They stay smelling this way for a week or so. I wish I could take my brushes and swipe them across your face- you would be so into the smell. 

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