Sydney Says Spotlight: Aquis Hair Turban

Hair turbans are legit. Although, I don’t actually call them hair turbans. I’ve been calling them Turbie Twists since I was a kid. That’s how long I’ve been drying my hair with them. I even got all my friends using them. When I have anyone over at my place, and they use my shower, they refuse to use anything but a Turbie Twist. Trust me, once you use one, you’ll need five. It’s a smarter way to dry your hair.

I use a Turbie Twist every time I wash my hair. It’s basically a better alternative to the traditional hair towel. It’s made of microfibers that help eliminate frizz and maintain your natural hair texture. But the main reason I love Turbie Twists is because carrying a regular, wet bath towel on your head is kinda heavy lol. Turbie Twists don’t pull on your hair the way normal towels do, so there’s minimal hair loss and no breakage. The microfiber also helps absorb a lot of the water from your shower faster than a regular towel would. This makes blow-drying super fast. They’re an upgrade from the towel you’ve been using.

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