Nippies: A Must Have in Every Woman’s Closet

Nippies are without a doubt the best quality boobie covers you can get. They go undetectable with every outfit. You can expect full coverage when you wear them with a fitted crop or that new backless dress you just scored on. Nippies have kept me safe from nip slips since my high school days. My mom introduced me to these back when I didn’t even have boobs. 

My mom orders Nippies in bulk. I kid you not she buys like 30 at a time. When the package arrives she starts handing them out like Halloween candy. She gives them to me, to my sister, to my friends, to her friends, to her sisters. She even gave them out as party favors to the women in her book club. Should I join a book club? Is it protocol to give out presents to the people who read the book? LMK moms. Anyways, she’s like a nipple cover fairy. 

Nippies are reusable no matter how sweaty you get, which is perfect for all the dancing I like to do on the weekends. I’d say their lifespan is about a month if you take proper care of them. After every few uses I recommend washing them with warm water and soap, then letting them air dry. After that they’re as good as new. 

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