Sydney Says Spotlight: AYAI

Are You Am I (AYAI) is my go to. Their pieces capture the essence of sexy and cute in just the right way. These are tops and dresses that you want to run into your ex wearing. The site also reps the most delicate jewelry, which I find perfect for layering. Some of my favorite things from AYAI are the trinkets that they carry, like gold, custom engraved lighter cases and suede jewelry pouches. These are knick-knacks that every girl needs in her purse. 

Everything is made in Los Angeles. The pieces are designed to perfection, with each detail carefully thought out. All the material is also super soft. An AYAI piece is an investment that you’ll wear forever. Here are some of my favorite things from AYAI at the moment...

Aside from having the radest repertoire, they also have the dopest backstory behind their name. AYAI is designed by Rumi Neely. If you spell out Rumi, R-U-M-I, you get Are You Am I. Clever, right ??