Art Basel & A Few of My Miami Faves

GUYS. I could literally write a book about Miami. Okay, maybe not a book, but I could talk about Miami for a good minute. And that was before I went to Art Basel. Now that I have crossed that off my bucket list I have even more to say about the city. It’s one of my favorite places to visit in the United States.

If I didn’t live in La Jolla, I would probably live in South Beach. They have it all: beautiful beaches, great food, incredible shopping, and an unparalleled nightlife. I try to visit Miami whenever I can. Like I have been four times in the last six months. Literally, if you’re ever going to Miami and you need another person to complete your trip, text me. You know my answer already.

This past weekend I went to Miami for Art Basel and wow… WHAT. A. TIME.

First things first- is it Basel or Basil? I want to tell you to not be that girl and to not mispronounce it, but I was there all weekend and I still keep saying it wrong, so I really have no grounds to correct anyone. Oops. (I think it's Basel).

A weekend less about the art and more about whose table you’re ending up at each night. An even bigger question for your night, do you know anyone who is a member at Soho House?

Art Basel is the busiest weekend of the year in Miami. This says a lot about a city that has year round tourism. Basel is bigger than Ultra and Miami Swim Week, so it’s been on my radar for a while. This year I put together the perfect lil’ crew and we took on Miami by storm. (Like you actually should have seen our hotel room, it looked like a hurricane hit.)

We began each day at art shows, viewing collections of art brought to Miami from all over the world. Some of my favorite shows were Art Miami, Context, and Design Miami. I liked these shows because my vibes are contemporary and modern art. These exhibits also had a lot of art referencing pop culture and pop art, which I am a big fan of. Here were some of my favorite pieces from the weekend:

(sorry for the art vomit)

By noon we needed champagne to cure the previous night’s debaucheries. Luckily it was available for purchase at all of the shows. It was impossible to not feel boujee AF looking at hundred thousand dollar collectables sipping on rosé. But like don’t get me wrong, boujee in the best way possible.


We brunched at The Standard with a view of the water when we got tired of art, and when dinner rolled around it was time to rally.

The dinner line up for the weekend was almost as impressive as the art we saw each day. We ate at Báoli, STK, and Juvia.


Our nights went late, but that’s no surprise for Miami. We started our activities at the Maxim party, Bodega, and the Rec Room. The party continued into the early morning at Mr. Jones for Migos, LIV for Virgil Abloh, and E11EVEN for Travis Scott.

This year Virgil Abloh seemed to headline every single hot spot. Starting the weekend playing smaller shows like Rácket in Wynwood to ending the weekend at Soho house, Abloh showed Miami he is multifaceted as a designer as well as a DJ.

Miami proved to be an adult playground this weekend. The clubbing scene, like always, was something else, with the parties ending as the sun came out.

If I were to rate this weekend, it would definitely be a 12/10. If you ever have an opportunity to Basel, do it.

Since we’re already talking about Miami I thought I would share a few of my other favorite places to hit up while I’m there:

Let’s start with the Bal Harbour Shops. This is my favorite mall in the United States. It’s a small mall but it has alllll my favorite stores, they know what’s up. They nailed it with their directory. My mom took me there for the first time when I was 17 and I haven’t been the same ever since. We demolished Neiman Marcus. Seriously, I could spend half of my day walking around the Chanel there. They always have the pieces I have been coveting online, and usually more. Once you’ve maxed out your credit card you can go to Laduree on the second floor because they only take cash anyways.

You should also make a trip to the Bal Harbor Mall to visit Makoto and Carpaccio. Makoto is a cute little restaurant with a playful spin on Asian classics. My favorite dishes there are the spicy tuna crispy rice (I know, so basic of me) and the chicken noodle ramen (even more basic of me). Carpaccio is fantastic as well. Last time I was there, I ran into Jonathan Cheban, also known as Food God. Seeing him there verifies it is a fantastic restaurant. I recommend the Riviera salad if you like shrimp.

Since we’re talking about food and I’m getting hungry let’s keep going. Miami is home to my favorite restaurant in the entire US. This is going to sound a little dramatic, but I really mean every word of what I am about to say: Cecconi’s in Miami is worth a trip to Florida in and of itself. If I had a plane I’d probably make day trips to have dinner at Cecconi’s. I legitimately have dreams about the gnocchi dish there. The profiteroles are to die for as well. There is a Cecconi’s in LA, but it really doesn’t compare to Cecconi’s in Miami. With that being said, you still have to go if you’re in LA; it’s a sin to visit a city with a Cecconi’s and not go.

I also really like Komodo. Issa vibe there. I prefer the loungey outdoor seating surrounded by big trees with lights and the DJ. I ran into Food God again there, so obviously it’s another hotspot. I ordered the Komodo chicken salad, which was phenomenal and I could have split it with a village.

Keeping up with the fun vibes, the W Hotel at South Beach is my favorite place to beach and waste the day away. This is an oceanfront hotel with a trendy and fun atmosphere. The hotel is sleek and modern with v cute Hello Kitty art in the entryway. But my favorite part of the hotel is the pink beach chairs that make for the perfect Instagram. I like to sit on the beach, order a Miami Vice and people watch. There is also a great pool scene if you want to stay out of the sand.

Safe travels <3 xx

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