8 Products I Use For My Hair Everyday

Biosil builds and protects your existing collagen. This product has completely revamped my hair. You’re actually sleeping on yourself if you haven’t tried this yet. Read more about why I am obsessed with BioSil here.

I use this protective spray before each wash. It minimizes frizz, as well as prevents against damage & breakage. Wet hair is weak hair

I have been using this forever & I’ll never change up my game. It leaves my hair super smooth & a little goes a long way.

I use this mask as my daily conditioner. It says it’s for fine hair, but I use it on my thick hair because it’s super hydrating. I like to bring a comb in the shower and brush it through for some extra love.

I use this treatment once a week for 20 min. It helps restore my ends & leaves my hair feeling silky smooth.

Once you use a hair turban to dry your hair you won’t ever use a normal towel again. These microfiber towels dry your hair 50% faster & they don’t weigh on your hair the way normal towels do. Read more about why I love them so much here.

My favorite leave in product of all time. Gets rid of all the tangles & is also a great heat protectant.

This stuff is sent straight from heaven. I love it more than anything. Not to mention it smells fantastic. Anti-frizz, softens, & all the shine.

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