10 Travel Essentials

#1 Neck Pillow

My no. 1 travel essential is a neck pillow. I can literally sleep anywhere…like anywhere lol. A few glasses of champagne and this memory foam neck pillow and you’ll be out like a light. As always, click on the pictures to shop 💖


#2 Dry Shampoo

Another thing I never forget to pack is dry shampoo. Sometimes when you’re traveling it’s not practical to wash your hair everyday. I love how this Ouai dry shampoo smells. It’s my go to always. The one I linked is travel size, so it’s super convenient for all your adventures.


#3 Oil-blotting Pads

These oil-blotting pads are used to absorb excess oil on your face without ruining your makeup. They are also infused with natural green tea, which helps reduce swelling and redness. I always carry them with me in my purse.


#4 Rosewater Hydrating Skin Spray

Flying totally dries out your skin. I love this rosewater spray from Mario Badescu. It feels so hydrating during a long flight.


#5 Becca Cosmetics Glow

If you are vacationing in a warm climate and you get a good glow going sometimes the best look is the no makeup look. Becca Cosmetics glow on the go is perfect for achieving that. This is my favorite highlighter ever. And in a travel size ? Sign me up. A little highlighter on your cheeks and the tip of your nose and you’re ready for the beach. I seriously get so many compliments whenever I use this product. Trust me on this one.


#6 Slip Silk Sleeping Mask

I sleep like a little angel with my Slip silk pillowcase at home, so when I travel I always like to take a little piece of home with me. I bring my Slip sleeping mask with me when I go out of town; it’s a travel must.


#7 Universal Outlet Adaptor

If you're traveling out of the country make sure you have a universal outlet adaptor. This one is dope because it works in every country and it comes with a case.


#8 Mophie Portable Charger

I’m all about that no BS, 100% battery life. You will always find a Mophie in my bag. And this one’s pink. Gotta upload that gram. Gotta text back bae.


#9 Away Luggage

I could talk about my Away luggage for days. I love that all my suitcases match. It makes me feel like I have everything in my life together. You know what I mean ? And how cute that they are baby pink ? It makes them stupid easy to find at baggage claim. But they come in other colors if millennial pink isn’t your thing. They also come in like every size you could want. PS: the carry-on has a removable battery for you to charge your phone. How cool ?


#10 Travel-size Perfume

Packing a full size perfume bottle can be tricky, so I like to bring along a travel size of my favorite scent. Rollerballs are perfect for everyday use or to keep in your bag for freshening up throughout the day.